Certificates of Analysis

For practitioner and patient confidence, we provide Certificates of Analysis for each batch of herbs supplied. All batches must comply with UK and EU standards and any batch that does not comply with our strict requirements, is automatically rejected. Herbs are screened for the following:

At Phoenix Medical, we only supply herbs that have been verified as the correct species with the correct level of active ingredient. We are proud to supply a 100% non-sulphur treated herbal product range as we believe that quality and effectiveness are paramount. To read more about the detrimental effects of sulphur treatment, click here.

To find a COA, search below with the herb name in Pin Yin, product name or batch number.

Dry Herb Certificates
Code Name Batch COA
HDA010Ai YeA20120801
HDA010Ai YeA20130601
HDA010Ai YeA20140301
HDA010Ai Ye201508005
HDA010Ai Ye201703001
HDB010Ba Ji TianB20120801
HDB010Ba Ji TianB20130601
HDB010Ba Ji Tian201703002
HDB010Ba Ji Tian201608001
HDB020Bai BuBB20120601
HDB020Bai BuB20130602
HDB020Bai BuB20140301
HDB020Bai Bu201508002
HDB030Bai Dou KouBD20120601
HDB030Bai Dou KouB20150601
HDB030Bai Dou Kou201608002
HDB040Bai HeBH20120701
HDB040Bai HeB20130603
HDB040Bai HeB20150104B
HDB040Bai He201706001
HDB040Bai He201608003
HDB050Bai Hua She She CaoBH20120601
HDB050Bai Hua She She CaoB20130604
HDB050Bai Hua She She CaoB20130604
HDB050Bai Hua She She Cao201508003
HDB050Bai Hua She She Cao201604001
HDB050Bai Hua She She Cao201608004
HDB060Bai Ji LiBJL20120601
HDB060Bai Ji LiB20130605
HDB060Bai Ji LiB20140302
HDB060Bai Ji Li201604005
HDB060Bai Ji Li201706002
HDB060Bai Ji Li201608005
HDB060Bai Ji Li201604002
HDB070Bai Jiang CaoBJ20120701
HDB070Bai Jiang CaoB20130603JC
HDB070Bai Jiang Cao201706003
HDB075Bai Jie ZiBJZ20120601
HDB075Bai Jie ZiB20130606
HDB075Bai Jie Zi201508004
HDB077Bai LianB20130618
HDB080Bai Mao GenBM20120601
HDB080Bai Mao GenB20130607
HDB080Bai Mao GenB20130601
HDB080Bai Mao GenB20140303
HDB080Bai Mao Gen201608006
HDB090Bai Shao YaoBSY20120601
HDB090Bai Shao YaoB20130608
HDB090Bai Shao YaoB20140304
HDB090Bai Shao Yao20150801
HDB090Bai Shao Yao201604003
HDB090Bai Shao Yao201706082
HDB090Bai Shao Yao201703003
HDB090Bai Shao Yao201608007
HDB095Bai QianB20130617
HDB095Bai QianB20150104
HDB097Bai Tou WengB20130619
HDB097Bai Tou Weng201703004
HDB098Bai Wei201703004
HDB098Bai Wei201608008
HDB100Bai Xian PiBX20120701
HDB100Bai Xian PiB20130609
HDB100Bai Xian Pi201508006
HDB100Bai Xian Pi201608009
HDB100Bai Xian Pi201706004
HDB110Bai ZhiBZ20120601
HDB110Bai ZhiB20130610
HDB110Bai ZhiB20140305
HDB110Bai Zhi201508007
HDB110Bai Zhi201706005
HDB110Bai Zhi201608010
HDB120Bai ZhuBZU20120601
HDB120Bai ZhuB20130612
HDB120Bai ZhuB20140306
HDB120Bai Zhu201508008
HDB120Bai Zhu20160811
HDB120Bai Zhu201706006
HDB120Bai Zhu201703006
HDB120Bai Zhu201608011
HDB120Bai Zhu201604005
HDB125Bai Zhu (Chao)BZU20120701
HDB125Bai Zhu (Chao)B20130611
HDB125Bai Zhu (Chao)201508009
HDB125Bai Zhu (Chao)201604004
HDB125Bai Zhu (Chao)201706007
HDB130Bai Zi Ren118038
HDB130Bai Zi Ren201508010
HDB130Bai Zi Ren20150810
HDB140Ban Lan GenBL20120601
HDB140Ban Lan GenB20130613
HDB145Ban Zhi LianBZ20120701
HDB145Ban Zhi LianB20140307
HDB145Ban Zhi Lian201508011
HDB145Ban Zhi Lian201706008
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)BXF20120701
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)201508012
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)201608012
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)201706009
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)201703007
HDB150Ban Xia(Fa)201604007
HDB151Ban Xia (Jiang)201604006
HDB151Ban Xia (Jiang)201706010
HDB151Ban Xia (Jiang)201703008
HDB160Bei Sha ShenBS20120601
HDB160Bei Sha ShenB20130614
HDB160Bei Sha Shen201508013
HDB160Bei Sha Shen201703009
HDB170Bi XieBX20120601
HDB170Bi XieB20130615
HDB170Bi Xie201508014
HDB170Bi Xie201706011
HDB180Bian Dou(Bai, Cooked)bbd20120601
HDB180Bian Dou(Bai, Cooked)B20130616
HDB180Bian Dou(Bai, Cooked)B20140308
HDB190Bian XuBXU20120601
HDB190Bian XuB20140309
HDB190Bian Xu201703010
HDB200Bo HeBHE20120701
HDB200Bo He201508015
HDB200Bo He201608013
HDB200Bo He201706012
HDB200Bo He201604051
HDB210Bu Gu ZhiBG20120601
HDB210Bu Gu ZhiB20140310
HDB210Bu Gu Zhi201706013
HDB210Bu Gu Zhi201703011
HDC010Cang Er ZiCE20120601
HDC010Cang Er ZiC20130601
HDC010Cang Er ZiC20140401
HDC010Cang Er Zi201608014
HDC020Cang ZhuCZ20120601
HDC020Cang ZhuC20130602
HDC020Cang ZhuC20140402
HDC020Cang Zhu201508016
HDC020Cang Zhu201608015
HDC020Cang Zhu201706014
HDC020Cang Zhu201703012
HDC030Cao Dou KouCD20120701
HDC030Cao Dou KouC20140403
HDC035Cao GuoC20130611
HDC035Cao Guo201508017
HDC040Ce Bai YeCB20120601
HDC040Ce Bai YeC20140404
HDC050Chai HuCH20120701
HDC050Chai HuC20140405
HDC050Chai Hu201508018
HDC050Chai Hu201608016
HDC050Chai Hu201706015
HDC050Chai Hu201703013
HDC060Che Qian CaoCQC20120601
HDC060Che Qian CaoC20130601QC
HDC060Che Qian CaoC20140406
HDC060Che Qian CaoC20130601
HDC070Che Qian ZiCQZ20120601
HDC070Che Qian ZiC20140407
HDC070Che Qian Zi20120601
HDC070Che Qian Zi201608017
HDC070Che Qian Zi201706016
HDC070Che Qian Zi201703014
HDC080Chen PiCP20120601
HDC080Chen PiC20130603
HDC080Chen PiC20150105
HDC080Chen Pi201508019
HDC080Chen Pi201604008
HDC080Chen Pi201706001
HDC080Chen Pi201703015
HDC090Chi ShaoCS20120701
HDC090Chi ShaoC20130604
HDC090Chi Shao201508020
HDC090Chi Shao201608018
HDC100Chi Xiao DouCX20120701
HDC100Chi Xiao DouC20130605
HDC100Chi Xiao Dou201604009
HDC100Chi Xiao Dou201703016
HDC110Chuan Lian ZiCL20120601
HDC110Chuan Lian ZiC20130606
HDC110Chuan Lian Zi201508021
HDC110Chuan Lian Zi20150821
HDC120Chuan Niu XiCN20120701
HDC120Chuan Niu XiC20130607
HDC120Chuan Niu Xi201508022
HDC120Chuan Niu Xi20130607
HDC120Chuan Niu Xi20160818
HDC120Chuan Niu Xi201706017
HDC120Chuan Niu Xi201608019
HDC125Chuan Xin LianCXL20120606
HDC125Chuan Xin LianC20130608
HDC125Chuan Xin Lian201508037
HDC130Chuan XiongCX20120601
HDC130Chuan XiongC20130609
HDC130Chuan XiongC20140408
HDC130Chuan Xiong201508023
HDC130Chuan Xiong20160819
HDC130Chuan Xiong201706083
HDC130Chuan Xiong201703017
HDC130Chuan Xiong201608020
HDC130Chuan Xiong201604010
HDC135Chun Gen Bai PiC20130612
HDC135Chun Gen Bai Pi201508024
HDC140Ci Wu JiaCW20120701
HDC140Ci Wu JiaC20130610
HDC140Ci Wu JiaC20140409
HDD009Da HuangDH20120701
HDD009Da HuangD20140301
HDD009Da Huang201508025
HDD009Da Huang201703018
HDD009Da Huang201604011
HDD010Da Huang(zhi)201604011
HDD010Da Huang(zhi)201706019
HDD020Da Ji/Xiao JiDJ20120601
HDD030Da Qing YeDQ20120601
HDD030Da Qing YeD20150105
HDD030Da Qing Ye201508026
HDD030Da Qing Ye201703019
HDD040Da ZaoDZ20120601
HDD040Da ZaoD20140302
HDD040Da Zao201508027
HDD040Da Zao201604012
HDD040Da Zao201703020
HDD050Dan Dou ChiDD20120701
HDD050Dan Dou ChiD20130601
HDD050Dan Dou Chi201508028
HDD060Dan ShenDS20120601
HDD060Dan ShenD20130602
HDD060Dan ShenD20140303
HDD060Dan Shen201508029
HDD060Dan Shen201608021
HDD060Dan Shen201706020
HDD060Dan Shen201604013
HDD070Dan Zhu YeDZY20120601
HDD070Dan Zhu YeD20150106B
HDD070Dan Zhu Ye201703021
HDD080Dang GuiDG20120601
HDD080Dang GuiD20130603
HDD080Dang GuiD20140304
HDD080Dang Gui201608022
HDD080Dang Gui201706021
HDD080Dang Gui201703022
HDD080Dang Gui201604014
HDD090Dang Gui WeiDG20120801
HDD090Dang Gui Wei201703023
HDD100Dang ShenDS20120801
HDD100Dang ShenD20130604
HDD100Dang ShenD20140305
HDD100Dang Shen201508030
HDD100Dang Shen201604015
HDD100Dang Shen201706022
HDD100Dang Shen201703024
HDD120Di Fu ZiDF20120601
HDD120Di Fu ZiD20130605
HDD120Di Fu ZiD20150106
HDD120Di Fu Zi201703025
HDD130Di Gu PiDG20120701
HDD130Di Gu PiD20130607
HDD130Di Gu Pi201508031
HDD130Di Gu Pi201604052
HDD140Di YuDY20120801
HDD140Di YuD20140306
HDD140Di Yu201703026
HDD150Ding Xiang(Gong)D20140307
HDD150Ding Xiang(Gong)201703027
HDD160Dong Gua PiDGP20120601
HDD170Dong Gua ZiDGZ20120601
HDD170Dong Gua ZiD20130608
HDD170Dong Gua Zi201703028
HDD180Du HuoDH20120601
HDD180Du HuoD20130609
HDD180Du Huo201508032
HDD180Du Huo201604053
HDD190Du ZhongDZ20120601
HDD190Du ZhongD20130610
HDD190Du ZhongD20140308
HDD190Du Zhong201508033
HDD190Du Zhong20160823
HDD190Du Zhong201608023
HDD190Du Zhong201604016
HDE010E ZhuE20120701
HDE010E ZhuE20130601
HDE010E ZhuE20140501
HDE010E Zhu201508034
HDE010E Zhu20150834
HDF005Fan Xie YeFX20120606
HDF005Fan Xie YeFX20120601
HDF005Fan Xie YeF20130601
HDF005Fan Xie YeF20150107
HDF005Fan Xie Ye201508035
HDF010Fang FengFF20120801
HDF010Fang FengF20130602
HDF010Fang FengF20140401
HDF010Fang Feng201508036
HDF010Fang Feng20160824
HDF010Fang Feng201703026
HDF010Fang Feng201608024
HDF020Fo ShouFS20120601
HDF020Fo ShouF20140402
HDF030Fu LingFL20120601
HDF030Fu LingF20130603
HDF030Fu LingF20140403
HDF030Fu Ling201508037
HDF030Fu Ling201608025
HDF030Fu Ling201706023
HDF030Fu Ling201703030
HDF030Fu Ling201604017
HDF032Fu Ling PiF20130605
HDF040Fu Pen ZiFP20120601
HDF040Fu Pen Zi201508038
HDF050Fu ShenFS20120801
HDF050Fu ShenF20140404
HDF050Fu Shen201608026
HDF050Fu Shen201706024
HDF050Fu Shen201703031
HDF060Fu Xiao MaiFX20120701
HDF060Fu Xiao MaiF20130604
HDF060Fu Xiao MaiF20140405
HDF060Fu Xiao Mai201508039
HDF060Fu Xiao Mai201706025
HDG010Gan CaoGC201208601
HDG010Gan CaoGC20120601
HDG010Gan CaoG20130601
HDG010Gan CaoG20140501
HDG010Gan Cao201508040
HDG010Gan Cao201608027
HDG010Gan Cao201604019
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)GC20120801
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)G20140502
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)201508041
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)201608028
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)201706026
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)201703032
HDG020Gan Cao(Zhi)201604018
HDG030Gan JiangGJ20120801
HDG030Gan JiangG20130602
HDG030Gan JiangG20140503
HDG030Gan Jiang201508042
HDG030Gan Jiang20160829
HDG030Gan Jiang201706027
HDG030Gan Jiang201703033
HDG030Gan Jiang201608029
HDG030Gan Jiang201604020
HDG040Gao BenGB20120801
HDG040Gao BenGB20120601
HDG040Gao Ben201706028
HDG045Gao Liang JiangG20130611
HDG045Gao Liang JiangG20150107
HDG050Ge GenGG20120801
HDG050Ge GenG20130603
HDG050Ge GenG20140504
HDG050Ge Gen201703034
HDG060Gou Qi ZiGQ20120701
HDG060Gou Qi ZiG20130604
HDG060Gou Qi ZiG20140505
HDG060Gou Qi Zi201508043
HDG060Gou Qi Zi201608030
HDG060Gou Qi Zi201706029
HDG070Gou TengGT20120701
HDG070Gou TengG20130605
HDG070Gou Teng201508044
HDG070Gou Teng20160831
HDG070Gou Teng201608031
HDG090Gu Sui BuGS20120801
HDG090Gu Sui BuG20130606
HDG090Gu Sui Bu201508045
HDG100Gu Ya(Chao)GY20120601
HDG100Gu Ya(Chao)G20130607
HDG100Gu Ya(Chao)G20150108B
HDG110Gua Lou PiGLP20120801
HDG110Gua Lou PiG20130608
HDG110Gua Lou PiG20140506
HDG120Gua Lou RenGLZ20120601
HDG130Gua Lou ShiGLQ20120801
HDG130Gua Lou ShiG20130609
HDG130Gua Lou ShiG20140507
HDG130Gua Lou Shi201508046
HDG130Gua Lou Shi201706030
HDG140Guan ZhongGZ20120701
HDG150Gui ZhiGZ20120801
HDG150Gui ZhiG20130610
HDG150Gui ZhiG20140508
HDG150Gui ZhiG20150108
HDG150Gui Zhi201508047
HDG150Gui Zhi201608032
HDG150Gui Zhi201706031
HDG150Gui Zhi201703035
HDG150Gui Zhi201604021
HDH010Hai Feng TengHF20120801
HDH010Hai Feng TengH20140301
HDH015Hai Jin Sha201706032
HDH020Hai Tong PiHT20120801
HDH020Hai Tong PiH20130601
HDH020Hai Tong Pi201706033
HDH030Hai ZaoHZ20120801
HDH030Hai ZaoH20140302
HDH030Hai Zao201508048
HDH040Han Lian CaoHL20120601
HDH040Han Lian CaoH20130618
HDH040Han Lian CaoH20140303
HDH040Han Lian Cao201508049
HDH040Han Lian Cao201703037
HDH050He Huan HuaHHH20120801
HDH050He Huan Hua201508050
HDH050He Huan Hua201608033
HDH060He Huan PiHHP20120701
HDH060He Huan PiH20130602
HDH060He Huan PiH20140304
HDH060He Huan Pi201508051
HDH060He Huan Pi201608034
HDH060He Huan Pi201703038
HDH060He Huan Pi201604022
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)HS20120601
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)H20140305
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)201508052
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)201608035
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)201706034
HDH070He Shou Wu(Zhi)201703039
HDH080He YeHY20120601
HDH080He YeH20130604
HDH080He Ye201703040
HDH085He ZiH20130614
HDH090Hei Zhi MaHZ20120601
HDH090Hei Zhi MaH20140306
HDH090Hei Zhi Ma201703041
HDH100Hong HuaHH20120701
HDH100Hong HuaH20130602H
HDH100Hong HuaH20150109
HDH100Hong Hua201608036
HDH100Hong Hua201706035
HDH110Hong ZaoHZ20120801
HDH110Hong ZaoH20130605
HDH110Hong Zao201508053
HDH110Hong Zao201608037
HDH110Hong Zao201706042
HDH110Hong Zao201703042
HDH110Hong Zao201604023
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou PoHP20120601
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou PoH20130606
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou PoH20140307
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou Po201608038
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou Po201703043
HDH120Hou Pu / Hou Po201604024
HDH130Hu PoH20150110
HDH130Hu Po201703044
HDH140Hu ZhangHZG20120601
HDH140Hu ZhangH20130607
HDH140Hu ZhangH20140308
HDH140Hu Zhang201703045
HDH150Hua JiaoHHA20120801
HDH150Hua Jiao201703046
HDH170Huai HuaHHA20120801
HDH170Huai Hua201608039
HDH180Huai Niu XiHN20120601
HDH180Huai Niu XiH20140309
HDH180Huai Niu Xi201703047
HDH190Huang BaiHB20120601
HDH190Huang BaiH20130608
HDH190Huang BaiH20140310
HDH190Huang Bai201608040
HDH190Huang Bai201703048
HDH190Huang Bai201604025
HDH200Huang JingHJ20120801
HDH200Huang Jing201706037
HDH210Huang LianHL20120801
HDH210Huang LianH20140311
HDH210Huang Lian201508054
HDH210Huang Lian201608041
HDH220Huang QiHQ20120601
HDH220Huang QiH20130609
HDH220Huang QiH20140312
HDH220Huang Qi201508055
HDH220Huang Qi201604026
HDH220Huang Qi201703049
HDH230Huang Qi(Zhi)HQM20120601
HDH230Huang Qi(Zhi)201508056
HDH240Huang QinHQ20120801
HDH240Huang QinH20130610
HDH240Huang QinH20140313
HDH240Huang Qin201508057
HDH240Huang Qin201608042
HDH240Huang Qin201703050
HDH240Huang Qin201604027
HDH250Huo Ma RenHH20120601
HDH250Huo Ma RenH20130611
HDH250Huo Ma RenH20140314
HDH250Huo Ma Ren201608043
HDH260Huo XiangHX20120601
HDH260Huo XiangH20130612
HDH260Huo XiangH20140315
HDJ010Ji Xue TengJXT20120801
HDJ010Ji Xue TengJ20130601
HDJ010Ji Xue TengJ20140401
HDJ010Ji Xue TengJ20150110
HDJ010Ji Xue Teng201508058
HDJ010Ji Xue Teng201608044
HDJ020Jiang HuangJH20120801
HDJ020Jiang HuangJ20140402
HDJ020Jiang Huang201508059
HDJ020Jiang Huang201604055
HDJ020Jiang Huang201706038
HDJ030Jie GengJG20120601
HDJ030Jie GengJ20140403
HDJ030Jie Geng201508060
HDJ030Jie Geng201608045
HDJ030Jie Geng201706039
HDJ030Jie Geng201703051
HDJ040Jin Qian CaoJQ20120701
HDJ040Jin Qian CaoJ20130620
HDJ040Jin Qian CaoJ20140404
HDJ050Jin Yin HuaJY20120601
HDJ050Jin Yin HuaJ20130603
HDJ050Jin Yin HuaJ20140405
HDJ050Jin Yin Hua201608046
HDJ050Jin Yin Hua201706040
HDJ060Jin Ying ZiJY20120601
HDJ060Jin Ying ZiJY20120801
HDJ060Jin Ying ZiJ20140406
HDJ060Jin Ying Zi201703052
HDJ070Jing Jie (Sui)JJ20120601
HDJ070Jing Jie (Sui)J20140407
HDJ070Jing Jie (Sui)201706041
HDJ075Ju HeJ20130614
HDJ076Ju He (Fried)J20130614
HDJ076Ju He (Fried)201703053
HDJ077Ju HongJ20130605
HDJ077Ju HongJ20150111
HDJ080Ju HuaJH20120701
HDJ080Ju HuaJ20140408
HDJ080Ju Hua201508061
HDJ080Ju Hua201604028
HDJ080Ju Hua201703054
HDJ090Jue Ming ZiJM201250701
HDJ090Jue Ming ZiJ20130602
HDJ090Jue Ming ZiJ20140409
HDJ090Jue Ming Zi201706042
HDJ090Jue Ming Zi201703055
HDK010Ku ShenKS20120601
HDK010Ku ShenK20130601
HDK010Ku ShenK20140301
HDK010Ku Shen201508062
HDK010Ku Shen20160847
HDK010Ku Shen201703056
HDK010Ku Shen201608047
HDK015Kuan Dong HuaKD20120801
HDK020Kun BuKB20120801
HDK020Kun Bu201508063
HDK020Kun Bu201604056
HDL010Lai Fu ZiLF20120601
HDL010Lai Fu ZiL20130601
HDL010Lai Fu ZiL20140501
HDL010Lai Fu Zi201608048
HDL010Lai Fu Zi201706043
HDL015Lian FangL20130608
HDL015Lian Fang201706044
HDL020Lian QiaoLQ20120801
HDL020Lian QiaoL20130602
HDL020Lian QiaoL20140502
HDL020Lian Qiao201608049
HDL020Lian Qiao201706045
HDL030Lian Zi(Bai)LZ20120801
HDL030Lian Zi(Bai)L20130604
HDL030Lian Zi(Bai)201508064
HDL030Lian Zi(Bai)201703057
HDL040Lian Zi XinLZ20120601
HDL040Lian Zi XinL20130603
HDL040Lian Zi Xin201703058
HDL050Ling ZhiLZH20120801
HDL050Ling ZhiL20130605
HDL050Ling ZhiL20140503
HDL050Ling Zhi201508065
HDL050Ling Zhi2301604054
HDL050Ling Zhi201604054
HDL060Long Dan CaoLD20120601
HDL060Long Dan Cao201508066
HDL080Long YanLY20120801
HDL080Long YanL20140504
HDL080Long Yan201608050
HDL080Long Yan201706046
HDL080Long Yan201604029
HDL090Lu GenLG20120701
HDL090Lu GenL20130606
HDL090Lu GenL20140505
HDL090Lu Gen201703059
HDL100Lu Lu TongLL20120601
HDL100Lu Lu TongL20130607
HDL100Lu Lu TongL20140506
HDL100Lu Lu Tong201703060
HDL110Luo Shi Teng;S20120701
HDL110Luo Shi TengLS20120701
HDL110Luo Shi Teng201508067
HDM010Ma Chi XianMC20120601
HDM010Ma Chi XianM20130601
HDM010Ma Chi XianM20140401
HDM010Ma Chi Xian201508068
HDM010Ma Chi Xian201608051
HDM015Ma Huang201508069
HDM020Mai Men DongMD20120801
HDM020Mai Men DongM20140402
HDM020Mai Men Dong201608053
HDM020Mai Men Dong201703061
HDM030Mai Ya(Chao)MY20120801
HDM030Mai Ya(Chao)M20130602
HDM030Mai Ya(Chao)M20140403
HDM040Man Jing ZiM20140404
HDM040Man Jing Zi201706047
HDM055Mei Gui HuaMG20120801
HDM055Mei Gui HuaM20140405
HDM055Mei Gui Hua201508070
HDM055Mei Gui Hua201703062
HDM060Mo YaoMYO20120801
HDM060Mo YaoM20140406
HDM060Mo Yao201703063
HDM070Mu Dan PiMD20120701
HDM070Mu Dan PiM20130603
HDM070Mu Dan PiM20140407
HDM070Mu Dan Pi201508071
HDM070Mu Dan Pi201608054
HDM070Mu Dan Pi201703064
HDM080Mu GuaMG20120601
HDM080Mu GuaM20130604
HDM080Mu GuaM20140408
HDM080Mu Gua201508072
HDM080Mu Gua201703065
HDM100Mu XiangMX20120801
HDM100Mu XiangM20130605
HDM100Mu XiangM20140409
HDM100Mu XiangM20150111
HDM100Mu Xiang201608055
HDM100Mu Xiang201706048
HDM110Mi Meng Hua201703066
HDN010Nan Sha ShenNS20120601
HDN010Nan Sha ShenN20140301
HDN020Niu Bang ZiNB20120701
HDN020Niu Bang ZiN20150112
HDN020Niu Bang Zi201608056
HDN030Nu Zhen ZiNZ20120701
HDN030Nu Zhen ZiN20130601
HDN030Nu Zhen ZiN20140302
HDN030Nu Zhen Zi201508073
HDN030Nu Zhen Zi201604030
HDN030Nu Zhen Zi201703067
HDP010Pang Da HaiP20120801
HDP010Pang Da Hai201508074
HDP020Pei LanP20120701
HDP020Pei LanP20130613
HDP030Pi Pa YeP20120601
HDP030Pi Pa YeP20130602
HDP030Pi Pa YeP20150112
HDP040Pu Gong YingPG20120701
HDP040Pu Gong YingP20130624
HDP040Pu Gong YingP20140501
HDP040Pu Gong Ying201508075
HDP040Pu Gong Ying201706049
HDP040Pu Gong Ying201608057
HDP040Pu Gong Ying201703068
HDP040Pu Gong Ying201604031
HDP050Pu HuangPH20120801
HDP050Pu Huang201706050
HDQ010Qian Cao GenQC20120801
HDQ020Qian ShiQS20120701
HDQ020Qian ShiQ20140401
HDQ020Qian Shi201608056
HDQ020Qian Shi201608058
HDQ025Qian HuQ20130603
HDQ025Qian Hu201706051
HDQ030Qiang HuoQH20120801
HDQ030Qiang HuoQ20150113
HDQ030Qiang Huo201608059
HDQ040Qin JiaoQJ20120701
HDQ040Qin JiaoQ20140402
HDQ040Qin Jiao201604032
HDQ040Qin Jiao201703069
HDQ050Qin PiQP20120701
HDQ055Qing DaiQ20130604
HDQ055Qing Dai201703070
HDQ060Qing HaoQH20120701
HDQ060Qing HaoQ20130601
HDQ060Qing HaoQ20150113
HDQ060Qing Hao201608060
HDQ070Qing PiQP20120701
HDQ070Qing PiQ20130602
HDQ070Qing Pi201604034
HDQ070Qing Pi201706052
HDQ080Qu MaiQM20120601
HDQ080Qu MaiQ20140403
HDR010Ren Dong TengRD20120701
HDR010Ren Dong TengR20130701
HDR010Ren Dong TengR20140301
HDR020Rou GuiRG20120701
HDR020Rou GuiR20130702
HDR020Rou GuiR20140302
HDR020Rou Gui201604035
HDR020Rou Gui201608061
HDR030Ru XiangRX20120801
HDR030Ru Xiang201508076
HDR030Ru Xiang201703071
HDR055Rou Dou KouR20130703
HDR055Rou Dou Kou201706053
HDS010San LengSL20120801
HDS010San LengS20140501
HDS010San Leng201604036
HDS020San Qi(Chuan)201604057
HDS020San Qi(Chuan)201703072
HDS030Sang Bai PiSB20120701
HDS030Sang Bai PiS20130703
HDS030Sang Bai PiS20140502
HDS040Sang Ji ShengSJ20120701
HDS040Sang Ji ShengS20130704
HDS040Sang Ji ShengS20140503
HDS040Sang Ji Sheng201604037
HDS040Sang Ji Sheng201706054
HDS050Sang Shen ZiSS20120701
HDS050Sang Shen Zi201508078
HDS050Sang Shen Zi201604058
HDS060Sang YeSY20120701
HDS060Sang YeS20130705
HDS060Sang YeS20140504
HDS060Sang Ye201608062
HDS070Sang ZhiSZ20120801
HDS070Sang ZhiS20140505
HDS075Si Gua LuoS20130718
HDS075Si Gua LuoS20150114B
HDS080Sha RenSR20120701
HDS080Sha RenS20140506
HDS080Sha Ren201703074
HDS090Sha Yuan ZiSYZ20120701
HDS090Sha Yuan Zi201508079
HDS090Sha Yuan Zi201706055
HDS095Shan Dou GenS20130717
HDS095Shan Dou Gen201703075
HDS100Shan YaoSY20120601
HDS100Shan YaoS20130706
HDS100Shan YaoS20140507
HDS100Shan Yao201508080
HDS100Shan Yao201604038
HDS100Shan Yao201706084
HDS110Shan ZhaSZA20120701
HDS110Shan ZhaS20130708
HDS110Shan ZhaS20140508
HDS110Shan Zha201508081
HDS110Shan Zha201604039
HDS110Shan Zha201703076
HDS120Shan Zha(Chao)SZJ20120701
HDS120Shan Zha(Chao)S20140509
HDS120Shan Zha(Chao)201608064
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu YuSZ20120701
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu YuS20130707
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu201508082
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu201706085
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu201703077
HDS130Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu201608065
HDS140She Chuang ZiSC20120601
HDS140She Chuang ZiS20130709
HDS140She Chuang ZiS20140510
HDS140She Chuang Zi201706056
HDS145She GanSG20120801
HDS145She Gan201703078
HDS150Shen Jin CaoSJC20120701
HDS150Shen Jin CaoS20130712
HDS150Shen Jin CaoS20140511
HDS160Shen Qu(jiao)SQ20120801
HDS160Shen Qu(jiao)S20130710
HDS160Shen Qu(jiao)S20140512
HDS170Sheng Di HuangSD20120801
HDS170Sheng Di HuangS20130711
HDS170Sheng Di HuangS20140513
HDS170Sheng Di Huang201508083
HDS170Sheng Di Huang201604040
HDS170Sheng Di Huang201703079
HDS180Sheng MaSM20120701
HDS180Sheng MaS20130712
HDS180Sheng Ma201604041
HDS180Sheng Ma201703080
HDS190Shi Chang PuSC20120801
HDS190Shi Chang PuS20130713
HDS190Shi Chang PuS20140514
HDS190Shi Chang Pu201608066
HDS220Shu Di HuangSUD20120801
HDS220Shu Di HuangS20130714
HDS220Shu Di HuangS20140515
HDS220Shu Di Huang201508084
HDS220Shu Di Huang201706057
HDS220Shu Di Huang201703081
HDS220Shu Di Huang201608067
HDS230Su Geng(Zi)ZS20120801
HDS230Su Geng(Zi)S20140516
HDS230Su Geng(Zi)201703082
HDS235Su MuSM20120801
HDS235Su MuS20150114
HDS240Su Zi(Zi)ZSZ20120701
HDS240Su Zi(Zi)S20130715
HDS240Su Zi(Zi)201706058
HDS250Suan Zao Ren(Chao)S20150115
HDS250Suan Zao Ren(Chao)201508085
HDS250Suan Zao Ren(Chao)201706059
HDS250Suan Zao Ren(Chao)201608068
HDS260Suo YangSY20120801
HDS260Suo YangS20130716
HDS260Suo Yang201703083
HDT010Tai Zi ShenT20130701S
HDT010Tai Zi Shen201508086
HDT020Tao RenT20130702
HDT020Tao Ren201508087
HDT020Tao Ren201706060
HDT020Tao Ren201703084
HDT020Tao Ren201608069
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)TH20120801
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)T20130703
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)T20140301
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)201508088
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)201706061
HDT030Tian Hua Fen(Gua Lou Gen)201608070
HDT040Tian Men DongTM20120701
HDT040Tian Men DongT20150115
HDT040Tian Men Dong201604042
HDT040Tian Men Dong201703085
HDT050Tian Nan XingTN20120801
HDT050Tian Nan Xing201508089
HDT055Ting Li ZiT20130706
HDT055Ting Li ZiT20150116
HDT055Ting Li Zi201703086
HDT060Tong CaoT20150117B
HDT060Tong Cao201706086
HDT070Tou Gu CaoTG20120701
HDT070Tou Gu CaoT20130701G
HDT070Tou Gu Cao201706062
HDT080Tu Fu LingTF20120701
HDT080Tu Fu LingT20130704
HDT080Tu Fu Ling201508090
HDT080Tu Fu Ling201706063
HDT080Tu Fu Ling201608071
HDT090Tu Si ZiTS20120701
HDT090Tu Si ZiT20130705
HDT090Tu Si ZiT20150117
HDT090Tu Si Zi201508091
HDT090Tu Si Zi201703087
HDT090Tu Si Zi201608072
HDW010Wang Bu Liu XingWB20120801
HDW010Wang Bu Liu XingW20150117
HDW010Wang Bu Liu Xing201508092
HDW020Wei Ling XianWL20120701
HDW020Wei Ling XianW20140401
HDW020Wei Ling Xian201508093
HDW025Wu Jia PiW20150118
HDW025Wu Jia Pi201706064
HDW030Wu MeiWM20120801
HDW030Wu MeiW20130701
HDW030Wu MeiW20140402
HDW040Wu Wei ZiWW20120701
HDW040Wu Wei ZiW20130702
HDW040Wu Wei ZiW20140403
HDW040Wu Wei Zi201508094
HDW040Wu Wei Zi201703088
HDW040Wu Wei Zi201608073
HDW050Wu YaoWY20120701
HDW050Wu YaoW20130703
HDW050Wu Yao201508095
HDW060Wu Zhu YuW20140404
HDW060Wu Zhu Yu201608074
HDX010Xi Xian CaoXX20120701
HDX010Xi Xian CaoX20150118
HDX010Xi Xian Cao201706065
HDX020Xia Ku CaoXK20120701
HDX020Xia Ku Cao201508096
HDX030Xian He CaoX20130625
HDX030Xian He CaoX20150119
HDX030Xian He Cao201706066
HDX040Xian MaoXM20120701
HDX040Xian MaoX20130701
HDX050Xiang FuXF20120701
HDX050Xiang FuX20130702
HDX050Xiang FuX20140301
HDX050Xiang Fu201508097
HDX050Xiang Fu201604044
HDX050Xiang Fu201706067
HDX050Xiang Fu201703090
HDX050Xiang Fu201608075
HDX060Xiao Hui XiangXH20120701
HDX060Xiao Hui XiangX20130703
HDX060Xiao Hui Xiang201508098
HDX060Xiao Hui Xiang201706068
HDX060Xiao Hui Xiang201703091
HDX065Xiao Mai (Huai)XMA20120701
HDX065Xiao Mai (Huai)X20140302
HDX070Xie BaiXB20120701
HDX070Xie BaiX20130704
HDX070Xie BaiX20140303
HDX070Xie Bai201508099
HDX080Xin Yi HuaXY20120701
HDX080Xin Yi HuaX20140304
HDX080Xin Yi Hua201703092
HDX090Xing RenXR20120701
HDX090Xing RenX20130705
HDX090Xing RenX20140305
HDX090Xing Ren201508100
HDX090Xing Ren201608076
HDX100Xu Chang QingXC20120601
HDX110Xu DuanXD20120701
HDX110Xu DuanX20130706
HDX110Xu DuanX20140306
HDX110Xu Duan201604045
HDX110Xu Duan201706069
HDX120Xuan Fu HuaXF20120601
HDX120Xuan Fu Hua201703093
HDX130Xuan ShenXS20120701
HDX130Xuan ShenX20130707
HDX130Xuan ShenX20140307
HDX130Xuan Shen201508101
HDX130Xuan Shen201706070
HDX130Xuan Shen201608077
HDY010Yan Hu SuoYH20120701
HDY010Yan Hu Suo201508102
HDY010Yan Hu Suo201706071
HDY010Yan Hu Suo201608078
HDY020Ye Jiao TengYJ20120601
HDY020Ye Jiao TengY20130702
HDY020Ye Jiao TengY20140401
HDY020Ye Jiao Teng201508103
HDY020Ye Jiao Teng201703094
HDY020Ye Jiao Teng201608079
HDY030Ye Ju HuaYJH20120701
HDY030Ye Ju HuaY20130703
HDY030Ye Ju Hua201508104
HDY030Ye Ju Hua201608080
HDY040Yi Mu CaoJMC20120701
HDY040Yi Mu CaoY20130704
HDY040Yi Mu CaoY20140402
HDY040Yi Mu Cao201703095
HDY040Yi Mu Cao201608081
HDY050Yi Yi RenYY20120701
HDY050Yi Yi RenY20130705
HDY050Yi Yi RenY20140403
HDY050Yi Yi Ren201508105
HDY050Yi Yi Ren201604046
HDY050Yi Yi Ren201703096
HDY050Yi Yi Ren201608082
HDY060Yi Zhi RenYZ20120701
HDY060Yi Zhi RenY20140404
HDY070Yin Chen HaoYCH20120801
HDY070Yin Chen HaoY20130706
HDY070Yin Chen HaoY20140405
HDY080Yin Chai HuYC20120801
HDY080Yin Chai Hu201703097
HDY085Yin Yang HuoYY20120801
HDY085Yin Yang HuoY20130707
HDY085Yin Yang HuoY20150119
HDY085Yin Yang Huo201508106
HDY085Yin Yang Huo201604059
HDY085Yin Yang Huo201706072
HDY090Yu JinYJ20120701
HDY090Yu JinY20130708
HDY090Yu JinY20140406
HDY090Yu Jin201608083
HDY095Yu Li RenY20130709
HDY100Yu Xing CaoYX20120701
HDY100Yu Xing CaoY20130630
HDY100Yu Xing CaoY20140407
HDY100Yu Xing Cao201604047
HDY100Yu Xing Cao201706073
HDY110Yu ZhuYZU20120701
HDY110Yu Zhu201508107
HDY120Yuan ZhiYZ20120801
HDY120Yuan ZhiY20130601
HDY120Yuan Zhi201604048
HDY120Yuan Zhi201608084
HDY121Yuan Zhi(Zhi)201706074
HDY121Yuan Zhi(Zhi)201608085
HDZ010Zao Jiao CiJJC20120801
HDZ010Zao Jiao CiZ20140501
HDZ020Ze LanZL20120701
HDZ020Ze LanZ20130628
HDZ020Ze Lan201703098
HDZ030Ze XieZX20120701
HDZ030Ze XieZ20140502
HDZ030Ze Xie201508108
HDZ030Ze Xie201604049
HDZ030Ze Xie201706075
HDZ030Ze Xie201703098
HDZ030Ze Xie201608086
HDZ040Zhe Bei MuZB20120801
HDZ040Zhe Bei MuZ20130701
HDZ040Zhe Bei MuZ20140503
HDZ040Zhe Bei Mu201703100
HDZ050Zhi MuZM20120801
HDZ050Zhi MuZ20130702
HDZ050Zhi MuZ20140504
HDZ050Zhi Mu201508109
HDZ050Zhi Mu201706087
HDZ050Zhi Mu201703101
HDZ050Zhi Mu201608087
HDZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi KeZQ20120801
HDZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi KeZ20130703
HDZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi KeZ20140505
HDZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke201706076
HDZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke201608088
HDZ070Zhi ShiZS20120701
HDZ070Zhi ShiZ20130704
HDZ070Zhi ShiZ20140506
HDZ080Zhi Zi(Shan)ZZ20120701
HDZ080Zhi Zi(Shan)Z20140507
HDZ080Zhi Zi(Shan)201604050
HDZ080Zhi Zi(Shan)201706088
HDZ080Zhi Zi(Shan)201703102
HDZ085Zhu LingZL20120801
HDZ085Zhu LingZ20130705
HDZ085Zhu LingZ20140508
HDZ085Zhu Ling201608091
HDZ090Zhu RuZR20120801
HDZ090Zhu RuZ20130706
HDZ090Zhu Ru201508110
HDZ100Zi CaoZC20120801
HDZ100Zi CaoZ20140509
HDZ100Zi Cao201706077
HDZ110Zi Hua Di DingZH20120701
HDZ110Zi Hua Di DingZ20130707
HDZ110Zi Hua Di DingZ20140510
HDZ120Zi Su YeZSY20120701
HDZ120Zi Su YeZ20130708
HDZ120Zi Su Ye201703103
HDZ130Zi WanZW20120801
HDZ130Zi WanZ20150116
HN020Shi Gao201706089
HN030Long Gu201706090
HN040Mu Li201706091
Granule Certificates
Code Name Batch COA
HM010Ci Shi(Duan)1212001
HM010Ci Shi(Duan)1406154
HM020Shi Gao1212002
HM020Shi Gao1406111
HM030Long Gu 1212003
HM030Long Gu 1406109
HM031Long Gu (Duan)1212004
HM031Long Gu (Duan)1406110
HM040Mu Li 1406151
HM050Hua Shi1212007
HM060Shi Jue Ming (duan)1212008
HM060Shi Jue Ming (duan)1406107
HM090Mu Li(Duan)1212006
HM090Mu Li(Duan)1406152
HM100Xue Yu Tan1203081
HM110Zhen Zhu Mu1212009
HM110Zhen Zhu Mu1406108
HSA010Ai Ye1107219
HSA010Ai Ye1112052
HSA010Ai Ye1305032
HSA010Ai Ye1307098
HSA010Ai Ye1501200
HSA010Ai Ye1505001
HSA010Ai Ye1411003
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1107203
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1305058
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1307177
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1406042
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1505002
HSB010Ba Ji Tian1501170
HSB020Bai Bian Dou (Chao)1107160
HSB020Bai Bian Dou (Chao)1307154
HSB020Bai Bian Dou (Chao)1406105
HSB020Bai Bian Dou (Chao)1505003
HSB020Bai Bian Dou (Chao)1501152
HSB030Bai Bu(Mi Zhi)1212127
HSB030Bai Bu(Mi Zhi)1305018
HSB030Bai Bu(Mi Zhi)1307067
HSB040Bai Dou Kou1107124
HSB040Bai Dou Kou1311117
HSB040Bai Dou Kou1207106
HSB040Bai Dou Kou1505004
HSB040Bai Dou Kou1501119
HSB050Bai He1212010
HSB050Bai He1311087
HSB050Bai He1406044
HSB050Bai He1505005
HSB050Bai He1501051
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1112051
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1307096
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1311098
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1406068
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1505006
HSB060Bai Hua She She Cao1501092
HSB070Bai Ji Li(Chao)1307152
HSB070Bai Ji Li(Chao)1311044
HSB070Bai Ji Li(Chao)1406149
HSB070Bai Ji Li(Chao)1505007
HSB070Bai Ji Li(Chao)1501150
HSB080Bai Jiang Cao1107087
HSB080Bai Jiang Cao1307090
HSB080Bai Jiang Cao1505008
HSB080Bai Jiang Cao1501086
HSB090Bai Jie Zi(Chao)1107144
HSB090Bai Jie Zi(Chao)1505009
HSB090Bai Jie Zi(Chao)1501138
HSB095Bai Lian1307044
HSB095Bai Lian1505010
HSB095Bai Lian1501219
HSB100Bai Mao Gen1112006
HSB100Bai Mao Gen1307069
HSB100Bai Mao Gen1505011
HSB100Bai Mao Gen1501061
HSB105Bai Qian1307042
HSB105Bai Qian1505012
HSB105Bai Qian1501185
HSB110Bai Shao1207034
HSB110Bai Shao1212011
HSB110Bai Shao1309001
HSB110Bai Shao1307040
HSB110Bai Shao1311072
HSB110Bai Shao1406120
HSB110Bai Shao1505013
HSB110Bai Shao1501184
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1107026
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1309002
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1307041
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1311075
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1406163
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1505014
HSB120Bai Shao(Chao)1501031
HSB125Bai Wei1112024
HSB125Bai Wei1212012
HSB125Bai Wei1307043
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1112055
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1207002
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1311100
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1406134
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1505015
HSB130Bai Xian Pi1501103
HSB140Bai Zhi1207035
HSB140Bai Zhi1311065
HSB140Bai Zhi1406023
HSB140Bai Zhi1505016
HSB140Bai Zhi1501032
HSB150Bai Zhu1207033
HSB150Bai Zhu1212013
HSB150Bai Zhu1311094
HSB150Bai Zhu1406021
HSB150Bai Zhu1505017
HSB150Bai Zhu1501028
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1107025
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1212014
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1307039
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1311110
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1405004
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1406022
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1505018
HSB160Bai Zhu(Fu Chao)1501029
HSB170Bai Zi Ren1309014
HSB170Bai Zi Ren1405020
HSB170Bai Zi Ren1406160
HSB170Bai Zi Ren1505019
HSB170Bai Zi Ren1501204
HSB175Ban Bian Lian1112047
HSB175Ban Bian Lian1207112
HSB180Ban Lan Gen1212015
HSB180Ban Lan Gen1307070
HSB180Ban Lan Gen1406049
HSB180Ban Lan Gen1505020
HSB180Ban Lan Gen1501062
HSB185Ban Zhi Lian1212016
HSB185Ban Zhi Lian1505021
HSB185Ban Zhi Lian1501089
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1207025
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1107187
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1212017
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1307029
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1311116
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1406010
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1505022
HSB190Ban Xia(Fa)1501017
HSB191Ban Xia (Jiang)1207024
HSB191Ban Xia (Jiang)1212018
HSB191Ban Xia (Jiang)1406009
HSB191Ban Xia (Jiang)1505023
HSB191Ban Xia (Jiang)1501016
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1207018
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1107004
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1307018
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1311080
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1501004
HSB200Bei Sha Shen1505024
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1207039
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1107033
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1212123
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1305011
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1307048
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1311052
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1406031
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1505025
HSB210Bi Xie(Fen)1501041
HSB220Bian Xu1107215
HSB220Bian Xu1212019
HSB220Bian Xu1307164
HSB230Bo He1107214
HSB230Bo He1212129
HSB230Bo He1307078
HSB230Bo He1406059
HSB230Bo He1505026
HSB230Bo He1501075
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1107148
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1212136
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1307145
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1406101
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1505027
HSB240Bu Gu Zhi(Yan Zhi)1501140
HSC010Cang Er Zi(Chao)1107151
HSC010Cang Er Zi(Chao)1307147
HSC010Cang Er Zi(Chao)1406194
HSC010Cang Er Zi(Chao)1505028
HSC010Cang Er Zi(Chao)1501143
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1207032
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1107024
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1309003
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1307038
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1311037
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1406119
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1505029
HSC020Cang Zhu(Fu Chao)1501027
HSC025Cao Dou Kou1307004
HSC025Cao Dou Kou1505030
HSC026Cao Guo1307131
HSC030Ce Bai Ye1107221
HSC030Ce Bai Ye1311051
HSC030Ce Bai Ye1505031
HSC030Ce Bai Ye1501224
HSC031Ce Bai Tan1112053
HSC031Ce Bai Tan1212020
HSC040Chai Hu1107218
HSC040Chai Hu1212021
HSC040Chai Hu1307088
HSC040Chai Hu1311103
HSC040Chai Hu1406065
HSC040Chai Hu1505032
HSC040Chai Hu1501084
HSC041Chai Hu (Cu)1501196
HSC050Che Qian Cao1107216
HSC050Che Qian Cao1212022
HSC050Che Qian Cao1505033
HSC050Che Qian Cao1501081
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1107140
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1212023
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1311062
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1406098
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1505034
HSC060Che Qian Zi(Yan Zhi)1501134
HSC070Chen Pi1107099
HSC070Chen Pi1212024
HSC070Chen Pi1307105
HSC070Chen Pi1311039
HSC070Chen Pi1406072
HSC070Chen Pi1505035
HSC070Chen Pi1501215
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1212025
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1305008
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1307183
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1311071
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1406197
HSC080Chi Shao(Chao)1605001
HSC081Chi Shao1505036
HSC081Chi Shao1501030
HSC090Chi Xiao Dou1107246
HSC090Chi Xiao Dou1212138
HSC090Chi Xiao Dou1505037
HSC100Chong Lou / Zao Xiu1107055
HSC100Chong Lou / Zao Xiu1212026
HSC105Chong Wei Zi1112065
HSC105Chong Wei Zi1307165
HSC105Chong Wei Zi1505038
HSC105Chong Wei Zi1501212
HSC105Chong Wei Zi1501149
HSC110Chuan Bei Mu1112026
HSC110Chuan Bei Mu1207009
HSC110Chuan Bei Mu1307166
HSC110Chuan Bei Mu1505039
HSC110Chuan Bei Mu1501036
HSC120Chuan Lian Zi1112063
HSC120Chuan Lian Zi1311031
HSC120Chuan Lian Zi1406143
HSC121Chuan Lian Zi1505040
HSC121Chuan Lian Zi1501135
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1207038
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1212027
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1311055
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1406029
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1505041
HSC130Chuan Niu Xi1501039
HSC135Chuan Xin Lian1307097
HSC135Chuan Xin Lian1505042
HSC140Chuan Xiong1207010
HSC140Chuan Xiong1107194
HSC140Chuan Xiong1212028
HSC140Chuan Xiong1305010
HSC140Chuan Xiong1309004
HSC140Chuan Xiong1307046
HSC140Chuan Xiong1311006
HSC140Chuan Xiong1406027
HSC140Chuan Xiong1505043
HSC140Chuan Xiong1501037
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1107251
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1212142
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1305055
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1307163
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1311049
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1406195
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1505044
HSC160Ci Wu Jia1501163
HSD005Da Xue Teng (Hong Teng)1112038
HSD005Da Xue Teng (Hong Teng)1212029
HSD005Da Xue Teng (Hong Teng)1605023
HSD009Da Huang1207027
HSD009Da Huang1212030
HSD009Da Huang1307033
HSD009Da Huang1311002
HSD009Da Huang1405003
HSD009Da Huang1406014
HSD009Da Huang1505045
HSD009Da Huang1501019
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1112018
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1207028
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1311083
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1406015
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1505046
HSD010Da Huang(jiu Zhi)1501020
HSD015Da Ji1112041
HSD015Da Ji1305059
HSD015Da Ji1311048
HSD020Da Qing Ye1107094
HSD020Da Qing Ye1212031
HSD020Da Qing Ye1305033
HSD020Da Qing Ye1307180
HSD020Da Qing Ye1406069
HSD030Da Zao1207013
HSD030Da Zao1107234
HSD030Da Zao1307137
HSD030Da Zao1311038
HSD030Da Zao1405016
HSD030Da Zao1406139
HSD030Da Zao1505047
HSD030Da Zao1501131
HSD040Dan Dou Chi1212143
HSD040Dan Dou Chi1307153
HSD040Dan Dou Chi1605021
HSD050Dan Shen1212032
HSD050Dan Shen1309005
HSD050Dan Shen1307019
HSD050Dan Shen1311079
HSD050Dan Shen1406115
HSD050Dan Shen1505048
HSD050Dan Shen1501005
HSD060Dan Zhu Ye1311021
HSD060Dan Zhu Ye1406185
HSD060Dan Zhu Ye1505049
HSD060Dan Zhu Ye1501097
HSD070Dang Gui1207007
HSD070Dang Gui1212033
HSD070Dang Gui1309013
HSD070Dang Gui1307022
HSD070Dang Gui1311046
HSD070Dang Gui1406118
HSD070Dang Gui1505050
HSD070Dang Gui1501010
HSD080Dang Gui(Jiu Zhi)1107252
HSD080Dang Gui(Jiu Zhi)1311047
HSD080Dang Gui(Jiu Zhi)1406005
HSD080Dang Gui(Jiu Zhi)1505051
HSD080Dang Gui(Jiu Zhi)1501011
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1212034
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1307023
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1311068
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1406181
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1505052
HSD090Dang Gui Wei1501012
HSD100Dang Shen1207015
HSD100Dang Shen1212035
HSD100Dang Shen1305002
HSD100Dang Shen1307015
HSD100Dang Shen1311045
HSD100Dang Shen1406172
HSD100Dang Shen1505053
HSD100Dang Shen1501002
HSD110Dang Shen(Chao)1207016
HSD110Dang Shen(Chao)1212036
HSD110Dang Shen(Chao)1406002
HSD110Dang Shen(Chao)1505054
HSD110Dang Shen(Chao)1501217
HSD120Deng Xin Cao1107217
HSD120Deng Xin Cao1207060
HSD130Di Fu Zi1212037
HSD130Di Fu Zi1311012
HSD130Di Fu Zi1406147
HSD130Di Fu Zi1505055
HSD140Di Gu Pi1107103
HSD140Di Gu Pi1307167
HSD140Di Gu Pi1311042
HSD140Di Gu Pi1406182
HSD140Di Gu Pi1505056
HSD140Di Gu Pi1501102
HSD150Di Yu1107052
HSD150Di Yu1305017
HSD150Di Yu1505057
HSD150Di Yu1501056
HSD160Di Yu(Tan)1107053
HSD160Di Yu(Tan)1212038
HSD160Di Yu(Tan)1406047
HSD160Di Yu(Tan)1505058
HSD170Ding Xiang(Gong)1107122
HSD170Ding Xiang(Gong)1212039
HSD170Ding Xiang(Gong)1406167
HSD175Dong Chong Xia Cao1406708
HSD180Dong Gua Pi1112056
HSD180Dong Gua Pi1203076
HSD190Dong Gua Zi1305052
HSD200Du Huo1207041
HSD200Du Huo1212124
HSD200Du Huo1307051
HSD200Du Huo1311009
HSD200Du Huo1406121
HSD200Du Huo1505059
HSD200Du Huo1501043
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1107224
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1307113
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1311119
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1405012
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1406078
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1505060
HSD210Du Zhong(Yan)1501107
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1212040
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1305007
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1311008
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1406020
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1505061
HSE010E Zhu(Cu Zhi)1501183
HSF005Fan Xie Ye1307168
HSF005Fan Xie Ye1505062
HSF005Fan Xie Ye1501223
HSF010Fang Feng1107044
HSF010Fang Feng1305014
HSF010Fang Feng1307058
HSF010Fang Feng1311114
HSF010Fang Feng1406039
HSF010Fang Feng1505063
HSF010Fang Feng1501048
HSF020Fo Shou1107136
HSF020Fo Shou1307134
HSF020Fo Shou1406095
HSF020Fo Shou1605013
HSF030Fu Ling1107209
HSF030Fu Ling1212041
HSF030Fu Ling1305019
HSF030Fu Ling1307072
HSF030Fu Ling1311054
HSF030Fu Ling1405009
HSF030Fu Ling1406052
HSF030Fu Ling1505064
HSF030Fu Ling1501190
HSF031Fu Ling Pi1307110
HSF031Fu Ling Pi1505065
HSF031Fu Ling Pi1501105
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1107243
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1212042
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1311078
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1406104
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1505066
HSF040Fu Pen Zi1501145
HSF045Fu Ping1212043
HSF045Fu Ping1505067
HSF045Fu Ping1501085
HSF050Fu Shen1307073
HSF050Fu Shen1311084
HSF050Fu Shen1406053
HSF050Fu Shen1505068
HSF050Fu Shen1501067
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1207001
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1307157
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1311010
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1406150
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1505069
HSF060Fu Xiao Mai1501155
HSG010Gan Cao1207022
HSG010Gan Cao1107185
HSG010Gan Cao1212044
HSG010Gan Cao1307026
HSG010Gan Cao1311074
HSG010Gan Cao1406007
HSG010Gan Cao1505070
HSG010Gan Cao1501015
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1207023
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1305004
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1307027
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1311023
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1505071
HSG020Gan Cao(Mi Zhi)1501181
HSG030Gan Jiang1107204
HSG030Gan Jiang1212045
HSG030Gan Jiang1307178
HSG030Gan Jiang1405007
HSG030Gan Jiang1406046
HSG030Gan Jiang1505072
HSG030Gan Jiang1501052
HSG040Gao Ben1107036
HSG040Gao Ben1307052
HSG045Gao Liang Jiang1307061
HSG045Gao Liang Jiang1505073
HSG045Gao Liang Jiang1501221
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1107061
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1311097
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1405008
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1406050
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1505074
HSG050Ge Gen(Ye)1501063
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1107236
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1212046
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1307138
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1311077
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1406189
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1505075
HSG060Gou Qi Zi1501206
HSG070Gou Teng1107070
HSG070Gou Teng1305022
HSG070Gou Teng1307077
HSG070Gou Teng1406125
HSG070Gou Teng1505076
HSG070Gou Teng1501072
HSG080Gu Jing Cao1107083
HSG080Gu Jing Cao1307087
HSG085Gu Ya (Chao)1112067
HSG085Gu Ya (Chao)1212047
HSG085Gu Ya (Chao)1307155
HSG090Gu Sui Bu1107049
HSG090Gu Sui Bu1212048
HSG090Gu Sui Bu1406123
HSG090Gu Sui Bu1505077
HSG090Gu Sui Bu1501054
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1107127
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1212049
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1307128
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1406137
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1505078
HSG100Gua Lou(Quan)1501120
HSG110Gua Lou Pi1107101
HSG110Gua Lou Pi1307107
HSG110Gua Lou Pi1505079
HSG110Gua Lou Pi1501101
HSG120Gua Lou Zi1207012
HSG120Gua Lou Zi1107126
HSG130Guan Zhong1107207
HSG130Guan Zhong1203021
HSG130Guan Zhong1605022
HSG140Gui Zhi1107210
HSG140Gui Zhi1212050
HSG140Gui Zhi1305021
HSG140Gui Zhi1307076
HSG140Gui Zhi1311020
HSG140Gui Zhi1405010
HSG140Gui Zhi1406056
HSG140Gui Zhi1505080
HSG140Gui Zhi1501070
HSH005Hai Feng Teng1112037
HSH005Hai Feng Teng1212051
HSH005Hai Feng Teng1605014
HSH006Hai Jin Sha1307160
HSH006Hai Jin Sha1505081
HSH006Hai Jin Sha1501158
HSH010Hai Tong Pi1112057
HSH010Hai Tong Pi1307109
HSH010Hai Tong Pi1406075
HSH020Hai Zao1505082
HSH020Hai Zao1501213
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1107089
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1212052
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1305029
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1307092
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1406066
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1505083
HSH030Han Lian Cao(Mo)1501087
HSH040He Huan Hua1107120
HSH040He Huan Hua1212135
HSH040He Huan Hua1305042
HSH040He Huan Hua1307122
HSH040He Huan Hua1406183
HSH040He Huan Hua1605007
HSH050He Huan Pi1212053
HSH050He Huan Pi1307108
HSH050He Huan Pi1311019
HSH050He Huan Pi1406074
HSH050He Huan Pi1505084
HSH050He Huan Pi1501104
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1207040
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1212054
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1305012
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1307049
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1311053
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1406032
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1505085
HSH060He Shou Wu(Zhi)1501168
HSH070He Ye1107220
HSH070He Ye1212055
HSH070He Ye1307099
HSH070He Ye1505086
HSH070He Ye1501094
HSH080Hei Zhi Ma1107164
HSH080Hei Zhi Ma1307158
HSH080Hei Zhi Ma1505087
HSH080Hei Zhi Ma1501233
HSH090Hong Hua1107116
HSH090Hong Hua1309006
HSH090Hong Hua1307118
HSH090Hong Hua1311111
HSH090Hong Hua1406083
HSH090Hong Hua1505088
HSH090Hong Hua1501112
HSH100Hong Jing Tian1112012
HSH100Hong Jing Tian1405018
HSH100Hong Jing Tian1406180
HSH100Hong Jing Tian1505089
HSH100Hong Jing Tian1501235
HSH110Hong Shen1107179
HSH110Hong Shen1305001
HSH110Hong Shen1307014
HSH110Hong Shen1406001
HSH120Hou Pu / Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1107113
HSH120Hou Pu / Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1305037
HSH120Hou Pu / Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1307116
HSH120Hou Pu / Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1311102
HSH120Hou Pu / Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1406164
HSH121Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1505090
HSH121Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1501109
HSH121Hou Po(Jiang Zhi)1406164
HSH130Hu Po1107174
HSH130Hu Po1212139
HSH130Hu Po1311034
HSH130Hu Po1406113
HSH130Hu Po1505091
HSH140Hu Zhang1212128
HSH140Hu Zhang1505092
HSH140Hu Zhang1501065
HSH150Hua Jiao1505093
HSH150Hua Jiao1501231
HSH160Huai Hua (Chao)1505094
HSH160Huai Hua (Chao)1307121
HSH160Huai Hua (Chao)1501227
HSH160Huai Hua (Chao)1605017
HSH170Huai Hua(Chao)1107119
HSH170Huai Hua(Chao)1305041
HSH170Huai Hua(Chao)1307121
HSH180Huai Niu Xi1212056
HSH180Huai Niu Xi1311027
HSH180Huai Niu Xi1406030
HSH180Huai Niu Xi1505095
HSH180Huai Niu Xi1501040
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1309007
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1307115
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1311060
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1406080
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1505096
HSH190Huang Bo(Chuan, Huang Bai)1501108
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1112020
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1307136
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1307036
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1311018
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1406173
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1505097
HSH200Huang Jing(Jiu Zhi)1501167
HSH210Huang Lian1207029
HSH210Huang Lian1311088
HSH210Huang Lian1406016
HSH210Huang Lian1505098
HSH210Huang Lian1501021
HSH211Hu Huang Lian1112021
HSH211Hu Huang Lian1307037
HSH211Hu Huang Lian1505099
HSH211Hu Huang Lian1501024
HSH220Huang Qi1107189
HSH220Huang Qi1212057
HSH220Huang Qi1307174
HSH220Huang Qi1311089
HSH220Huang Qi1406017
HSH220Huang Qi1505100
HSH220Huang Qi1501165
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1107018
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1305006
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1307034
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1311064
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1406196
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1505101
HSH230Huang Qi(Mi Zhi)1501166
HSH240Huang Qin1207030
HSH240Huang Qin1212058
HSH240Huang Qin1307035
HSH240Huang Qin1311081
HSH240Huang Qin1406018
HSH240Huang Qin1505102
HSH240Huang Qin1501022
HSH250Huang Qin(Jiu Zhi)1107019
HSH250Huang Qin(Jiu Zhi)1505103
HSH250Huang Qin(Jiu Zhi)1501023
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1107128
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1212059
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1307129
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1406138
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1505104
HSH260Huo Ma Ren1501121
HSH270Huo Xiang1107076
HSH270Huo Xiang1305023
HSH270Huo Xiang1405011
HSH270Huo Xiang1406129
HSH270Huo Xiang1505105
HSH270Huo Xiang1501174
HSJ010Ji Xue Teng1212060
HSJ010Ji Xue Teng1311028
HSJ010Ji Xue Teng1406126
HSJ010Ji Xue Teng1505106
HSJ010Ji Xue Teng1501073
HSJ020Jiang Huang1412002
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1112005
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1212140
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1307176
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1406157
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1505107
HSJ030Jiao Gu Lan1501160
HSJ040Jie Geng1112028
HSJ040Jie Geng1207004
HSJ040Jie Geng1307054
HSJ040Jie Geng1311090
HSJ040Jie Geng1406036
HSJ040Jie Geng1505108
HSJ040Jie Geng1501045
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1305028
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1307182
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1311086
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1406064
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1505109
HSJ050Jin Qian Cao(Guang)1501083
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1107255
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1212134
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1305038
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1307173
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1311122
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1406136
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1505110
HSJ060Jin Yin Hua1501113
HSJ070Jin Ying Zi1107150
HSJ070Jin Ying Zi1212146
HSJ070Jin Ying Zi1406102
HSJ070Jin Ying Zi1505111
HSJ070Jin Ying Zi1501142
HSJ080Jing Jie Sui1212061
HSJ080Jing Jie Sui1311043
HSJ080Jing Jie Sui1406128
HSJ080Jing Jie Sui1605002
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1112004
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1212062
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1406128
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1406060
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1505112
HSJ081Jing Jie (Tan)1501193
HSJ083Jiu Cai Zi1212063
HSJ083Jiu Cai Zi1307005
HSJ083Jiu Cai Zi1406100
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1112050
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1305031
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1307181
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1406178
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1505113
HSJ085Ji Xue Cao1501175
HSJ090Ju He(Yan)1107233
HSJ090Ju He(Yan)1307136
HSJ090Ju He(Yan)1605018
HSJ100Ju Hong1107110
HSJ100Ju Hong1307112
HSJ100Ju Hong1406077
HSJ100Ju Hong1605005
HSJ110Ju Hua1112059
HSJ110Ju Hua1307119
HSJ110Ju Hua1311058
HSJ110Ju Hua1406084
HSJ110Ju Hua1505114
HSJ110Ju Hua1501114
HSJ111Ju Luo1307006
HSJ111Ju Luo1505115
HSJ111Ju Luo1501225
HSJ120Jue Ming Zi(Chao)1107146
HSJ120Jue Ming Zi(Chao)1212064
HSJ120Jue Ming Zi(Chao)1305049
HSJ120Jue Ming Zi(Chao)1307011
HSJ120Jue Ming Zi(Chao)1406146
HSJ121Jue Ming Zi (Chao)1505116
HSJ121Jue Ming Zi (Chao)1501139
HSJ121Jue Ming Zi (Chao)1406146
HSK010Ku Shen1212065
HSK010Ku Shen1311041
HSK010Ku Shen1406004
HSK010Ku Shen1505117
HSK010Ku Shen1501006
HSK020Kuan Dong Hua(Mi Zhi)1307187
HSK020Kuan Dong Hua(Mi Zhi)1406135
HSK030Kun Bu1505118
HSK030Kun Bu1501238
HSL010Lai Fu Zi(Chao)1212066
HSL010Lai Fu Zi(Chao)1311033
HSL010Lai Fu Zi(Chao)1406142
HSL010Lai Fu Zi(Chao)1505119
HSL010Lai Fu Zi(Chao)1501133
HSL020Lian Qiao1212067
HSL020Lian Qiao1311050
HSL020Lian Qiao1406081
HSL020Lian Qiao1505120
HSL020Lian Qiao1501110
HSL025Lian Xu1212121
HSL025Lian Xu1307123
HSL025Lian Xu1505121
HSL025Lian Xu1501202
HSL030Lian Zi1107147
HSL030Lian Zi1305050
HSL030Lian Zi1307144
HSL030Lian Zi1406169
HSL030Lian Zi1505122
HSL040Lian Zi Xin1107239
HSL040Lian Zi Xin1305051
HSL040Lian Zi Xin1307184
HSL040Lian Zi Xin1505123
HSL040Lian Zi Xin1501230
HSL050Ling Zhi1405017
HSL050Ling Zhi1406156
HSL050Ling Zhi1505124
HSL050Ling Zhi1501161
HSL055Liu Ji Nu1112011
HSL055Liu Ji Nu1307094
HSL060Long Dan Cao1107198
HSL060Long Dan Cao1212068
HSL060Long Dan Cao1311112
HSL060Long Dan Cao1406035
HSL060Long Dan Cao1505125
HSL060Long Dan Cao1501044
HSL080Long Yan Rou1107235
HSL080Long Yan Rou1406140
HSL080Long Yan Rou1505126
HSL080Long Yan Rou1501205
HSL085Lou Lu1307068
HSL090Lu Gen1107063
HSL090Lu Gen1307071
HSL090Lu Gen1406170
HSL090Lu Gen1505127
HSL090Lu Gen1501064
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1107237
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1212069
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1307185
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1406099
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1505128
HSL100Lu Lu Tong1501208
HSL110Luo Shi Teng1107213
HSL110Luo Shi Teng1307007
HSM010Ma Chi Xian1107091
HSM010Ma Chi Xian1505129
HSM010Ma Chi Xian1501198
HSM020Mai Dong1207021
HSM020Mai Dong1212070
HSM020Mai Dong1307025
HSM020Mai Dong1311057
HSM020Mai Dong1406006
HSM020Mai Dong1505130
HSM020Mai Dong1501014
HSM029Mai Ya1311001
HSM029Mai Ya1406106
HSM029Mai Ya1505131
HSM029Mai Ya1501153
HSM030Mai Ya(Chao)1212071
HSM030Mai Ya(Chao)1505132
HSM030Mai Ya(Chao)1501179
HSM040Man Jing Zi1107142
HSM045Man Jing Zi (Chao)1305048
HSM045Man Jing Zi (Chao)1501137
HSM050Mei Gui Hua1203040
HSM050Mei Gui Hua1605015
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1107172
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1212072
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1307159
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1406112
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1505134
HSM060Mo Yao(Cu Zhi)1501180
HSM065Mu Zei1112043
HSM065Mu Zei1212073
HSM065Mu Zei1605016
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1212074
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1305036
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1307106
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1311095
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1406133
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1505135
HSM070Mu Dan Pi1501099
HSM080Mu Gua1212075
HSM080Mu Gua1311024
HSM080Mu Gua1406162
HSM080Mu Gua1406174
HSM080Mu Gua1605010
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1112029
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1207043
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1212076
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1307055
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1405019
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1505136
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1501046
HSM100Mu Xiang(Chuan)1411007
HSN010Nan Sha Shen1207019
HSN020Niu Bang Zi(Chao)1207014
HSN020Niu Bang Zi(Chao)1307140
HSN020Niu Bang Zi(Chao)1406141
HSN020Niu Bang Zi(Chao)1505137
HSN020Niu Bang Zi(Chao)1501207
HSN030Nu Zhen Zi(Jiu)1107143
HSN030Nu Zhen Zi(Jiu)1307142
HSN030Nu Zhen Zi(Jiu)1406145
HSN030Nu Zhen Zi(Jiu)1505138
HSN030Nu Zhen Zi(Jiu)1501177
HSO010Ou Jie (Tan)1112033
HSO010Ou Jie (Tan)1212087
HSO010Ou Jie (Tan)1505139
HSO010Ou Jie (Tan)1501222
HSP003Pang Da Hai1112064
HSP003Pang Da Hai1212077
HSP003Pang Da Hai1505140
HSP005Pao Jiang (Tan)1112030
HSP005Pao Jiang (Tan)1212078
HSP005Pao Jiang (Tan)1406175
HSP005Pao Jiang (Tan)1505141
HSP005Pao Jiang (Tan)1501053
HSP006Pian Jiang Huang1112031
HSP006Pian Jiang Huang1311082
HSP006Pian Jiang Huang1406176
HSP007Pei Lan1112009
HSP007Pei Lan1406061
HSP010Pi Pa Ye(Mi Zhi)1107097
HSP010Pi Pa Ye(Mi Zhi)1305034
HSP010Pi Pa Ye(Mi Zhi)1307102
HSP010Pi Pa Ye(Mi Zhi)1406179
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1112048
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1212132
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1307186
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1311030
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1406131
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1505142
HSP020Pu Gong Ying1501090
HSP030Pu Huang1107121
HSP030Pu Huang1505143
HSP030Pu Huang1501115
HSP030Pu Huang1203041
HSP031Pu Huang (Tan)1112014
HSP031Pu Huang (Tan)1212081
HSP031Pu Huang (Tan)1605024
HSQ010Qian Cao Gen1207042
HSQ010Qian Cao Gen1107199
HSQ010Qian Cao Gen1307053
HSQ020Qian Hu1107042
HSQ020Qian Hu1212144
HSQ020Qian Hu1307169
HSQ020Qian Hu1505144
HSQ020Qian Hu1501047
HSQ025Qian Nian Jian1212082
HSQ025Qian Nian Jian1307008
HSQ030Qian Shi1107244
HSQ030Qian Shi1212083
HSQ030Qian Shi1307148
HSQ030Qian Shi1505145
HSQ040Qiang Huo1107035
HSQ040Qiang Huo1212084
HSQ040Qiang Huo1307050
HSQ040Qiang Huo1406033
HSQ040Qiang Huo1505146
HSQ040Qiang Huo1501042
HSQ050Qin Jiao1107045
HSQ050Qin Jiao1212145
HSQ050Qin Jiao1307059
HSQ050Qin Jiao1311113
HSQ050Qin Jiao1406122
HSQ050Qin Jiao1505147
HSQ050Qin Jiao1501050
HSQ060Qin Pi1107102
HSQ060Qin Pi1207104
HSQ070Qing Dai1107254
HSQ070Qing Dai1212085
HSQ070Qing Dai1505148
HSQ070Qing Dai1501234
HSQ080Qing Hao1112039
HSQ080Qing Hao1107074
HSQ080Qing Hao1212130
HSQ080Qing Hao1307079
HSQ080Qing Hao1505149
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1212086
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1309008
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1307170
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1311025
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1406091
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1505150
HSQ090Qing Pi(Cu)1501127
HSQ100Qing Xiang Zi1107149
HSQ100Qing Xiang Zi1212137
HSQ110Qu Mai1107075
HSQ110Qu Mai1307080
HSQ110Qu Mai1505151
HSQ110Qu Mai1605012
HSR010Ren Dong Teng1212088
HSR010Ren Dong Teng1406192
HSR010Ren Dong Teng1505152
HSR010Ren Dong Teng1501192
HSR020Ren Shen1107001
HSR020Ren Shen1212089
HSR020Ren Shen1307013
HSR020Ren Shen1311121
HSR020Ren Shen1406171
HSR020Ren Shen1505153
HSR020Ren Shen1501001
HSR040Rou Dou Kou1107130
HSR040Rou Dou Kou1305046
HSR040Rou Dou Kou1505154
HSR040Rou Dou Kou1501228
HSR050Rou Gui1107111
HSR050Rou Gui1212133
HSR050Rou Gui1307114
HSR050Rou Gui1405013
HSR050Rou Gui1406079
HSR050Rou Gui1505155
HSR050Rou Gui1501176
HSR060Ru Xiang(Cu Zhi)1212090
HSR060Ru Xiang(Cu Zhi)1311099
HSR060Ru Xiang(Cu Zhi)1406155
HSR060Ru Xiang(Cu Zhi)1505156
HSR060Ru Xiang(Cu Zhi)1501156
HSS010San Leng(Cu Zhi)1212091
HSS010San Leng(Cu Zhi)1406166
HSS010San Leng(Cu Zhi)1505157
HSS010San Leng(Cu Zhi)1501026
HSS020San Qi1107008
HSS020San Qi1311120
HSS020San Qi1505158
HSS020San Qi1501007
HSS030Sang Bai Pi(Mi Zhi))1212119
HSS030Sang Bai Pi(Mi Zhi))1311066
HSS030Sang Bai Pi(Mi Zhi))1406073
HSS030Sang Bai Pi(Mi Zhi))1505159
HSS030Sang Bai Pi(Mi Zhi))1501100
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1107067
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1212120
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1305020
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1307075
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1311026
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1406054
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1505160
HSS040Sang Ji Sheng1501069
HSS050Sang Shen1311005
HSS050Sang Shen1505161
HSS050Sang Shen1501144
HSS060Sang Ye1307100
HSS060Sang Ye1311014
HSS060Sang Ye1406070
HSS060Sang Ye1505162
HSS060Sang Ye1501095
HSS070Sang Zhi1107069
HSS070Sang Zhi1212092
HSS070Sang Zhi1311022
HSS070Sang Zhi1406058
HSS070Sang Zhi1505163
HSS070Sang Zhi1501071
HSS080Sha Ren1107229
HSS080Sha Ren1305045
HSS080Sha Ren1307126
HSS080Sha Ren1406087
HSS080Sha Ren1505164
HSS080Sha Ren1501118
HSS090Sha Yuan Zi1107158
HSS090Sha Yuan Zi1307171
HSS090Sha Yuan Zi1505165
HSS090Sha Yuan Zi1501151
HSS100Shan Yao1207008
HSS100Shan Yao1107188
HSS100Shan Yao1305005
HSS100Shan Yao1307031
HSS100Shan Yao1311109
HSS100Shan Yao1405001
HSS100Shan Yao1406012
HSS100Shan Yao1505166
HSS100Shan Yao1501018
HSS105Shan Ci Gu1307009
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1207006
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1212093
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1305053
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1307149
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1311115
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1406148
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1505167
HSS110Shan Yu Rou / Shan Zhu Yu(Jiu Zhi)1501178
HSS120Shan Zha1112062
HSS120Shan Zha1406089
HSS120Shan Zha1505168
HSS120Shan Zha1501124
HSS130Shan Zha(Jiao)1311003
HSS130Shan Zha(Jiao)1505169
HSS130Shan Zha(Jiao)1501125
HSS140She Chuang Zi1107242
HSS140She Chuang Zi1307146
HSS140She Chuang Zi1406103
HSS140She Chuang Zi1505170
HSS140She Chuang Zi1501210
HSS145She Gan1307066
HSS145She Gan1505171
HSS145She Gan1501189
HSS150Shen Jin Cao1107079
HSS150Shen Jin Cao1305025
HSS150Shen Jin Cao1307082
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1107248
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1307161
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1311070
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1406114
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1505172
HSS160Shen Qu(Jiao)1501159
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1207020
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1212095
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1307020
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1311016
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1406116
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1505173
HSS170Sheng Di Huang1501008
HSS180Sheng Jiang1107048
HSS180Sheng Jiang1305016
HSS180Sheng Jiang1309009
HSS180Sheng Jiang1307062
HSS180Sheng Jiang1311013
HSS180Sheng Jiang1405006
HSS180Sheng Jiang1406045
HSS180Sheng Jiang1505174
HSS180Sheng Jiang1501172
HSS190Sheng Ma1112032
HSS190Sheng Ma1307064
HSS190Sheng Ma1311091
HSS190Sheng Ma1406124
HSS190Sheng Ma1505175
HSS190Sheng Ma1501058
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1212125
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1307060
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1311056
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1406043
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1505176
HSS200Shi Chang Pu1501171
HSS210Shi Jian Chuan1307010
HSS210Shi Jian Chuan1505177
HSS210Shi Jian Chuan1501088
HSS220Shi Wei1112054
HSS220Shi Wei1305035
HSS220Shi Wei1307104
HSS230Shou Wu Teng(Ye Jiao Teng)1112010
HSS230Shou Wu Teng(Ye Jiao Teng)1311004
HSS230Shou Wu Teng(Ye Jiao Teng)1406127
HSS230Shou Wu Teng(Ye Jiao Teng)1505178
HSS230Shou Wu Teng(Ye Jiao Teng)1501074
HSS240Shu Di Huang1107183
HSS240Shu Di Huang1212096
HSS240Shu Di Huang1305003
HSS240Shu Di Huang1307021
HSS240Shu Di Huang1311007
HSS240Shu Di Huang1406117
HSS240Shu Di Huang1505179
HSS240Shu Di Huang1501009
HSS250Si Gua Luo1212097
HSS250Si Gua Luo1307135
HSS250Si Gua Luo1406096
HSS250Si Gua Luo1505180
HSS250Si Gua Luo1501229
HSS260Su Mu1107068
HSS260Su Mu1212098
HSS260Su Mu1406055
HSS260Su Mu1505181
HSS260Su Mu1501191
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1107260
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1212099
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1307127
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1311108
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1406165
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1505182
HSS270Suan Zao Ren(Chao)1501203
HSS280Suo Yang1107206
HSS280Suo Yang1212126
HSS280Suo Yang1307065
HSS280Suo Yang1406191
HSS280Suo Yang1505183
HSS280Suo Yang1501059
HST010Tai Zi Shen1107003
HST010Tai Zi Shen1307017
HST010Tai Zi Shen1505184
HST010Tai Zi Shen1501218
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1207005
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1107125
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1305060
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1307002
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1311106
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1406193
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1505185
HST020Tao Ren(Dan)1501216
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1112002
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1309010
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1307024
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1311032
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1406161
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1505186
HST030Tian Dong(Tian Men Dong))1501013
HST040Tian Hua Fen1212100
HST040Tian Hua Fen1305015
HST040Tian Hua Fen1311096
HST040Tian Hua Fen1406040
HST040Tian Hua Fen1505187
HST040Tian Hua Fen1501049
HST050Tian Ma (CITE)1107200
HST060Tian Nan Xing(Zhi)1107013
HST060Tian Nan Xing(Zhi)1307003
HST060Tian Nan Xing(Zhi)1605029
HST070Tong Cao1107077
HST070Tong Cao1305024
HST070Tong Cao1307081
HST070Tong Cao1406177
HST070Tong Cao1505188
HST070Tong Cao1501195
HST080Tou Gu Cao1107088
HST080Tou Gu Cao1212101
HST080Tou Gu Cao1307091
HST090Tu Fu Ling1112022
HST090Tu Fu Ling1207031
HST090Tu Fu Ling1311059
HST090Tu Fu Ling1406019
HST090Tu Fu Ling1505189
HST090Tu Fu Ling1501025
HST100Tu Jing Pi1112013
HST110Tu Si Zi1107141
HST110Tu Si Zi1305047
HST110Tu Si Zi1309011
HST110Tu Si Zi1307141
HST110Tu Si Zi1311035
HST110Tu Si Zi1406144
HST110Tu Si Zi1505190
HST110Tu Si Zi1501136
HSW010Wang Bu Liu Xing(Chao)1107153
HSW010Wang Bu Liu Xing(Chao)1212102
HSW010Wang Bu Liu Xing(Chao)1406198
HSW011Wang Bu Liu Xing (Chao)1505191
HSW011Wang Bu Liu Xing (Chao)1501146
HSW011Wang Bu Liu Xing (Chao)1406198
HSW020Wei Ling Xian1212103
HSW020Wei Ling Xian1311093
HSW020Wei Ling Xian1406048
HSW020Wei Ling Xian1505192
HSW020Wei Ling Xian1501060
HSW030Wu Wei Zi(Liao.Cu)1107137
HSW030Wu Wei Zi(Liao.Cu)1212104
HSW030Wu Wei Zi(Liao.Cu)1307139
HSW030Wu Wei Zi(Liao.Cu)1311107
HSW030Wu Wei Zi(Liao.Cu)1406097
HSW031Wu Wei Zi (Cu)1505193
HSW031Wu Wei Zi (Cu)1501132
HSW031Wu Wei Zi (Cu)1406097
HSW040Wu Jia Pi1107177
HSW040Wu Jia Pi1212141
HSW040Wu Jia Pi1307162
HSW040Wu Jia Pi1505194
HSW040Wu Jia Pi1501162
HSW050Wu Mei1107135
HSW050Wu Mei1212105
HSW050Wu Mei1307133
HSW050Wu Mei1406094
HSW050Wu Mei1505195
HSW050Wu Mei1501130
HSW060Wu Yao1107051
HSW060Wu Yao1311092
HSW060Wu Yao1406159
HSW070Wu Zhu Yu(Zhi)1107154
HSW070Wu Zhu Yu(Zhi)1307150
HSW070Wu Zhu Yu(Zhi)1406186
HSW070Wu Zhu Yu(Zhi)1505196
HSW070Wu Zhu Yu(Zhi)1501148
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1107082
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1305027
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1307085
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1406063
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1505197
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1501080
HSX010Xi Xian Cao1605006
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1107081
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1305026
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1307084
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1406188
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1505198
HSX020Xia Ku Cao1501079
HSX030Xian He Cao1107078
HSX030Xian He Cao1311017
HSX030Xian He Cao1406062
HSX030Xian He Cao1505199
HSX030Xian He Cao1501077
HSX040Xian Mao1107038
HSX040Xian Mao1311085
HSX040Xian Mao1406034
HSX040Xian Mao1505200
HSX040Xian Mao1501220
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1207001
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1107041
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1212106
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1309012
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1307056
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1311061
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1405005
HSX050Xiang Fu(Cu Zhi)1406037
HSX051Xiang Fu (Cu)1505201
HSX051Xiang Fu (Cu)1501186
HSX051Xiang Fu (Cu)1406037
HSX060Xiao Hui Xiang(Yan Zhi)1107156
HSX060Xiao Hui Xiang(Yan Zhi)1307151
HSX060Xiao Hui Xiang(Yan Zhi)1505202
HSX060Xiao Hui Xiang(Yan Zhi)1501232
HSX060Xiao Hui Xiang(Yan Zhi)1605009
HSX065Xiao Ji1112042
HSX065Xiao Ji1307086
HSX070Xiao Mai(Huai)1107162
HSX070Xiao Mai(Huai)1305054
HSX070Xiao Mai(Huai)1307156
HSX070Xiao Mai(Huai)1505203
HSX070Xiao Mai(Huai)1501154
HSX080Xie Bai1107029
HSX080Xie Bai1212107
HSX080Xie Bai1406024
HSX080Xie Bai1505204
HSX080Xie Bai1501033
HSX090Xin Yi1107114
HSX090Xin Yi1307117
HSX090Xin Yi1405014
HSX090Xin Yi1406082
HSX090Xin Yi1505205
HSX090Xin Yi1501111
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1107123
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1305044
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1307125
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1406187
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1505206
HSX100Xing Ren(Dan, Ku )1501117
HSX105Xu Chang Qing1307172
HSX105Xu Chang Qing1505207
HSX105Xu Chang Qing1501199
HSX110Xu Duan1112027
HSX110Xu Duan1207003
HSX110Xu Duan1107195
HSX110Xu Duan1307047
HSX110Xu Duan1406028
HSX110Xu Duan1505208
HSX110Xu Duan1501038
HSX120Xuan Fu Hua1107227
HSX120Xuan Fu Hua1305040
HSX120Xuan Fu Hua1307120
HSX120Xuan Fu Hua1505209
HSX120Xuan Fu Hua1501226
HSX130Xuan Shen1112001
HSX130Xuan Shen1207017
HSX130Xuan Shen1307016
HSX130Xuan Shen1311011
HSX130Xuan Shen1406003
HSX130Xuan Shen1505210
HSX130Xuan Shen1501003
HSX140Xue Jie1107173
HSX140Xue Jie1605025
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1212108
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1305013
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1307057
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1311118
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1406038
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1505211
HSY010Yan Hu Suo(Cu Zhi)1501214
HSY020Ye Ju Hua1112060
HSY020Ye Ju Hua1107117
HSY020Ye Ju Hua1305039
HSY020Ye Ju Hua1406085
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1112040
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1212109
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1307083
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1311040
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1406130
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1505212
HSY030Yi Mu Cao1501078
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1212110
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1307124
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1311015
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1406086
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1505213
HSY039Yi Yi Ren1501116
HSY040Yi Yi Ren(Fu Chao)1107228
HSY040Yi Yi Ren(Fu Chao)1406168
HSY050Yi Zhi Ren (Yan Zhi)1107129
HSY050Yi Zhi Ren (Yan Zhi)1212111
HSY050Yi Zhi Ren (Yan Zhi)1307130
HSY050Yi Zhi Ren (Yan Zhi)1505214
HSY050Yi Zhi Ren (Yan Zhi)1501122
HSY060Yin Chai Hu1107043
HSY060Yin Chai Hu1505215
HSY060Yin Chai Hu1501187
HSY070Yin Chen Hao1112045
HSY070Yin Chen Hao1307093
HSY070Yin Chen Hao1406067
HSY070Yin Chen Hao1505216
HSY070Yin Chen Hao1501197
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1112049
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1212112
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1305030
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1307095
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1311029
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1406132
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1505217
HSY075Yin Yang Huo1501091
HSY080Yu Li Ren1406088
HSY080Yu Li Ren1505218
HSY080Yu Li Ren1501123
HSY085Yu Mi Xu1112015
HSY085Yu Mi Xu1305043
HSY085Yu Mi Xu1307175
HSY090Yu Jin1112016
HSY090Yu Jin1207026
HSY090Yu Jin1212122
HSY090Yu Jin1307032
HSY090Yu Jin1405002
HSY090Yu Jin1406013
HSY090Yu Jin1505219
HSY090Yu Jin1501164
HSY100Yu Xing Cao1107086
HSY100Yu Xing Cao1212131
HSY100Yu Xing Cao1307089
HSY100Yu Xing Cao1406184
HSY100Yu Xing Cao1605020
HSY110Yu Zhu1107014
HSY110Yu Zhu1307030
HSY110Yu Zhu1406011
HSY110Yu Zhu1605019
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1207044
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1107202
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1307012
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1311105
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1406041
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1505220
HSY120Yuan Zhi(Zhi)1501169
HSZ010Zao Jiao Ci1107211
HSZ010Zao Jiao Ci1406057
HSZ010Zao Jiao Ci1505221
HSZ010Zao Jiao Ci1501173
HSZ010Zao Jiao Ci1411001
HSZ020Ze Lan1107222
HSZ020Ze Lan1307101
HSZ020Ze Lan1406071
HSZ020Ze Lan1505222
HSZ020Ze Lan1501096
HSZ030Ze Xie1107186
HSZ030Ze Xie1212113
HSZ030Ze Xie1307028
HSZ030Ze Xie1311073
HSZ030Ze Xie1406008
HSZ030Ze Xie1505223
HSZ030Ze Xie1501182
HSZ040Zhe Bei Mu1112025
HSZ040Zhe Bei Mu1207037
HSZ040Zhe Bei Mu1406026
HSZ040Zhe Bei Mu1505224
HSZ040Zhe Bei Mu1501035
HSZ050Zhi Mu1207036
HSZ050Zhi Mu1305009
HSZ050Zhi Mu1307045
HSZ050Zhi Mu1311067
HSZ050Zhi Mu1406025
HSZ050Zhi Mu1505225
HSZ050Zhi Mu1501034
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1112007
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1307132
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1311101
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1406092
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1505226
HSZ060Zhi Qiao / Zhi Ke (Fu Chao)1501128
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1107259
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1212115
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1311036
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1405015
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1406093
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1505227
HSZ070Zhi Shi(Fu Chao)1501129
HSZ080Zhi Zi1212116
HSZ080Zhi Zi1311076
HSZ080Zhi Zi1406090
HSZ080Zhi Zi1505228
HSZ080Zhi Zi1501126
HSZ090Zhu Ling1307074
HSZ090Zhu Ling1311104
HSZ090Zhu Ling1505229
HSZ090Zhu Ling1501068
HSZ100Zhu Ru(Jiang)1112058
HSZ100Zhu Ru(Jiang)1307111
HSZ100Zhu Ru(Jiang)1406076
HSZ100Zhu Ru(Jiang)1505230
HSZ100Zhu Ru(Jiang)1501106
HSZ110Zi Cao1212117
HSZ110Zi Cao1505231
HSZ110Zi Cao1501055
HSZ120Zi Hua Di Ding1212118
HSZ120Zi Hua Di Ding1505232
HSZ120Zi Hua Di Ding1501082
HSZ130Zi Su Geng1406051
HSZ130Zi Su Geng1505233
HSZ130Zi Su Geng1501066
HSZ140Zi Su Ye1107098
HSZ140Zi Su Ye1307103
HSZ140Zi Su Ye1505234
HSZ140Zi Su Ye1501098
HSZ150Zi Su Zi(Chao)1107145
HSZ150Zi Su Zi(Chao)1307143
HSZ150Zi Su Zi(Chao)1605004
HSZ160Zi Wan(Mi Zhi)1107050
HSZ160Zi Wan(Mi Zhi)1307063
HSZ160Zi Wan(Mi Zhi)1406158
HSZ160Zi Wan(Mi Zhi)1505235
HSZ160Zi Wan(Mi Zhi)1501188

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